Professional Fan: Screaming for living!

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Cameron Hughes gets paid by teams all over country to rile up the crowd. Hughes sings, dances, screams and does just about anything to bring crowd to life.

How about being paid to be a sports FAN? Cameron Hughes has made a living out of being a professional fan at sporting events. He’s kind of like a mascot without the silly costume. Teams pay him to watch the game and get the crowd into it. And he gets paid very well in order to do so. In fact, he makes at least $2,000 per event and produced an annual income into the 6 figures last year due to the high demand. Cameron has attended over 1,000 games in 4 countries and been paid to attend each one of them. He's 40 years old. He paints his face in team colours, dresses in the clashing colors, screams and dances.

"You have no idea how hard it is to dance badly well, especially on concrete stairs."
Cameron Hughes,
Professional sports fan.

He's cheered for teams from the minor to the mighty: the Guelph (Ont.) Storm, Missouri Mavericks and Bakersfield (Calif.) Condors of minor league hockey; the Coyotes and Devils of the NHL; the Thunder, Cavaliers and Knicks of the NBA; the Dodgers and Blue Jays of Major League Baseball; and both sides in the gold-medal hockey game at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. To date he's been paid to attend 1,010 games in 36 states, five Canadian provinces and four countries. More than 10 million fans have seen his work. As a result a certain glamour and notoriety have come his way: travel, free gear, the affection of fans who love the games as much as he does. Last year he got a trip to Barbados to see if he could get a cricket crowd pumped up after tea.

One can get up to $2000 for one sports event. That’s good money which makes annual earning in six figures.

So what do you need to know before you can go for this job? Pretty simple! If you are a sports fan you will know a lot about that particular sport already if not then learn about the game as well as about the teams and players. Beside the knowledge of the sports you have to be a crowd puller, enthusiastic individual. And of course out spoken and open since all you have to do is do a silly dance in front of thousands of people, get them interested in game, get the attention of everyone around by screaming, occasional singing may be and other acts. Sounds like a pretty simple job but believe me it’s kind of tough to be a crowd puller. It’s a kind of personality and the energy you put into it to make a successful professional. You are doing your job but as incentives you will get a face time and lot of people will you know by face and name by the end of the game. And while you are enjoying your game to its fullest, you are actually paying at the same time. You can get up to $2000 for one sports event. That’s not so bad infect good money which makes your annual earning in six figures.So being a sports fan could pay you off if you opt for this job, what do you think?

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