Shark Tank Cleaner: Daring to work with Sharks!

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Working with sharks may sound glamorous and exciting, but being a shark tank cleaner is anything but glamorous.

Cleaning a tank might not be the fun kind of a job but when you add the requirement like it has to be a shark tank, fun rolls in. In aquarium where life size fish tanks showcase the sharks and it is big revenue to the park, then the tank cleaner is a very important job. Especially the shark tanks because watching these deadly creatures sync with human like this could be a rare sight to the public and amazement as well. It’s a different issue that while it’s an amazing sight for visitors, it could
be nerve wrecking experience for the man who is cleaning that tank from inside, surrounded by not one but many sharks in close proximity. You might think why someone would do this job and risk his life, well it could be an adventure for few to share the space with sharks and being watched by many people and pose for them for the snaps. You could be even a hero for young kids who might get scared of even the name of the shark. Pete Williams, an aquarist at London’s Sea Life Aquarium, works with sea life whole day long and continuously smelling the fish. It’s a frightening thought being in an enclosed environment underwater with a presumptuously monstrous fish. An Aquarist’s role is not just diving with the sharks, he has to look after the displays, responsible of feeding the animal welfare and maintenance of the tanks. Responsibilities also include removing shark excrement, inspecting/repairing the filtration system, and of course cleaning the aquarium glass (from the inside) to keep it clear of algae. 

I do love getting into the tanks as part of the diving section of the aquarium. I love getting into the big shark display and the big ocean display with stingrays and the sea turtles. That’s probably one of the many highlights of the job!” 
                        Pete Williams, an aquarist

 So the person has to be good diver to start with, but that’s not all. Knowledge of shark species and behaviors is also required to keep you safe. It could be quite unnerving to swim with sharks initially since you never know how the sharks are going to react to a stranger in their territory, but with experience you can build the confidence around them as well you will go familiar with individual sharks and their behaviors soon. Certainly it is a job for brave hearts. Would you be swimming with sharks?

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  1. It could be quite unnerving to swim with sharks initially since you never know how the sharks are going to react to a stranger in their territory, but with Tank Cleaning experience you can build the confidence around

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