Paper Towel Sniffer: Paper towel earns you?

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Have you ever noticed that when you use a paper towel it is odourless before, during and after its use? Well, this is not by accident, this is something that is done on purpose by paper towel manufacturers.

This sounds like a made up thing but it is a reality that the paper towel is not odourless by default. So to make sure towels are odourless the only way for paper towel manufacturers are to employ paper towel sniffers who spend their entire day sniffing paper towels. By employing paper towel sniffers, manufacturers know if their products harbor any unusual or noticeable scents. Gabi Szekely is a professional paper towel sniffer and she enjoys her job. An extremely good sense of smell is a must for anyone interested in working in this extremely narrow field. There are very few jobs working as a paper towel sniffer. This is definitely a career with a limited number of openings. A paper towel sniffer does indeed sniff towels. In particular, a paper towel sniffer smells paper towels to make sure that they are not too smelly in any fashion. Those looking to become a paper towel sniffer better come armed with a strong sense of smell and a love of the paper towel. Some travel may be
necessary in the job. So if you see anyone in the toilets doing this, you know they are at work and probably earning money from it! You would think manufacturers would just impregnate the towels with something nice, a citrus smell maybe, but many times this is not the case and the paper towels don’t really smell that nice! Technically falling under the category of odour Judge, a paper towel sniffer can make $1,000 per week just by sniffing different scented paper towels. Not Bad!
The salary ranges from $19,000 to $52,000 a year, varying with experience and seniority. It’s $95 per hour in New Jersey.

So what exactly one should know before opting for this job? A person should have a strong sense of smell just like they need in food industry. No degree or certificate is required.

There are other odour eveluators who has to ensure that all those deodorants and antiperspirants are
operating properly to keep their customers funk-free and odour judges, who smell nasty morning breath or breath “insulted” with strong scents, like garlic or coffee. They rate it on scale of 1 to 10. Then after testing odour-reducing products like gum or mouthwash, they smell the breath again and assign it a new rating.

Paper towel sniffer might not be the career builder for anyone but if someone has a strong sense of smell and love to be on a relaxed job not so technical, this might be a job for them. It is also an important job for service industry like hotels. Someone has to do it! Right?

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  3. My name is Gabi Szekely and I am NOT a paper towel sniffer. I did a project for one of my classes on paper towel sniffers. This person who wrote this article stole my identity. I had no idea they wrote about me until someone messaged me warning me about the article. Please do NOT listen to the information in this article, as it is false.

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  5. Where do you apply for such a job? I am very interested!

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