Dog Surfing Coach: Teaching surfing to Man's best friend

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These days pets are not just for your fun and safety, they are part of the family in all means. If you like to surf, chances are your pet might also like to surf. He deserves the fun in the sun too.

In the water at Coronado Bay Resort & Spa in California's Dog Beach, one can spot Teevan McManus a local surfer and a dog owner teaching surf dogs how to catch a wave. He is a dog surfing coach.

The job is all for the active animal lovers among you. You take the money of the rich and the overpaid and you teach their canines how to balance on plastic in the middle of the ocean. Slightly odd, but it would certainly provide you a chance to be at beautiful locations, and a chance to work with man's best friend… on a surfboard.

"Dogs area better and fast learners than humans. Four legs versus two!” - Teevan McManus, a local surfer and dog surfing coach

Not just that there is one of the biggest events on the dog calendar happens in California, water-loving canines hit the surf at Huntingdon Beach for annual Surf City Surf Dog competition.

If you are a water sports lover, you would definitely love to surf and if you are a pet lover too, chances are you want him to enjoy what you enjoy, surfing. Dog surfing is very much doable and to your surprise there are dog surfers out there who can teach your dog how to water surf. 

Its by no means an easy job. Firstly you need to know surfing yourself and mostly you have to be pro surfer also you should be pet friendly so you can understand the pet you are teaching surfing to.

It is very much like teaching surfing to humans, except that you can not actually talk to these canines. Of course you will say things or do actions to make them understand what you are trying to do. Once you got all the equipments, you are ready to take the dog in water, but before you do that you need to find out if your dog is afraid of water or not. Since If you take him to water without giving him any clue, you might be in soup if the dog is not water friendly also you might scare him so much that you will have to keep him far from water in future. 

So what should you know for the job? Well obvious requirement is of course surfing. You should be a experienced surfer. Also you should be friendly to dogs, since you are teaching them, they should like you too. Just have fun in the water.

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