Stand-In Bridesmaid: Making someone’s day!

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Women actually get paid to be stand-in-bridesmaid for weddings to match up with
number of groomsmen, where the bride doesn’t know enough people.

In Christian wedding, brides have bridesmaid who are walking behind them with flowers, you might have noticed. Also the groom have groomsmen with him. Well generally those people are their friends or from the family. But sometimes when bride does not have enough friends or enough girls to stand in bridesmaids line, or even she has, friends just bailed out on last moment, then bride has
to look up to others who can help them out and be there for their wedding. Here when the need of stand-in bridesmaid job come in. The position is usually posted by brides hard-up for friends in their wedding party (or had friends lined-up, but they bailed) and now they need a few stand-ins to compete with the number of groomsmen. Requirements include someone who is attractive, personable and an amazing actress who is good at blending in.

There are some general requirements for the job though. A stand-in bridesmaid should be personable and can play the part. She should be looking a real friend of the bride, easy on eyes for guests seeking a little distraction during a long, sometimes boring ceremony. When a bride doesn't have enough girlfriends (or 'girlfriends' who bail on them), they can count on a Stand-In Bridesmaid. More and more Bridal companies have strongly considered making this an actual on-call business, one that could certainly make some money.

A bridesmaid is first and foremost someone who the bride wants to be a part of her wedding. Perhaps she is a sister, or a very close friend; her friendship and support of the marriage is meaningful. More than that, a bridesmaid serves a practical purpose. During the hectic time of planning a wedding, she is a confident, advice giver, doer of menial tasks, errand runner and more. A bride should have at least one bridesmaid who is reliable, cheerfully helpful, organized, and who lives close to the bride. These are the qualities someone might look in a stand-in-bridesmaid. A bridesmaid's duties might include:

• helping the bride shop for her dress and bridesmaids’ dresses.

• When asked, giving advice on decorations, favors, music, and more.

• Helping the maid of honor to plan a bridal shower, and, if appropriate, chipping in for the food, decorations, or venue.

• Helping to plan a bachelorette party.

• Helping the bride dress.

• Providing moral support at all times

• Telling others where the couple is registered and other details, such as when they will return from their honeymoon, where to send gifts.

• Being useful at the wedding reception. The couple may ask you to help direct guests to the guestbook, assist with a special moment, make sure that vendors have arrived, or do crisis management.

• Being social. Be sure to talk to as many guests as you can, making them feel warmly welcomed. If there's a dance floor, help get the party going!

A good bridesmaid also makes sure she is helpful rather than a hindrance. This means being where she needs to be. That might sound a lot for many but hey someone might just love to enjoy a wedding and get paid for it too. Who knows you might end up finding someone for yourself.

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  1. I got a chance to a bridesmaid in my sister’s wedding at one of San Francisco venues. It was so good to be at her side on her lovely day. That was really a wonderful day to be dressed beautifully. I enjoyed the day along with guests.

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