The Importance of Silence

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I agree and admit - I am, I have been and will continue to be a talkative soul. But then, there are circumstances that occur that may not entirely be conducive to non stop talking and your voice which may be music to your ears, may be a loud annoying sound to the listener!

  • At a play or at the movies, a constant chatter could get you into trouble.
  • At a spa or even if you have gone for a simple foot reflexology session, you zip up and ensure that the person with you too- zips up. You may be ok with your chatter, but the ones around
    you may just be enjoying a quiet moment.
  • When someone is busy readying. Show the person some respect by asking for permission before you go on with your chatter.

    Toning your voice down or maintaining that silence, actually speaks for the respect you show/share to a person or a situation. It’s one of the key pillars of Being Human.

  • When someone is busy concentrating on whatever work they may be doing, such as, a hair stylist, a doctor, always wait till he is done with a procedure before you bombard him. If he is doing something that you are interested in, and then ask in advance if you could ask him questions. If you need to interrupt him at that very moment, then, say “May I bother you
    for a second by asking you a question”.
  • A place of worship is never a place to nudge the person with you to look at the lady wearing a lovely saree or gossip about the colour combination.
  • Sometimes when the person is elder to you and busy having a flash back of their past, it's best you let them speak and remain a silent and pleasant faced spectator! Don't question, unless appropriate, just listen!
  • On a flight, your co-passenger has drifted off to sleep. Please be considerate and tone the voice down.
  • At a funeral – there are people mourning the loss of someone from the family. As a mark of respect to the departed soul, talk softly if you have to, else, maintain that silence.

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