Japaneese Girl Thighs Painting Become Viral

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 A few months ago there was a viral on the internet pictures about a Japanese woman who had started using her legs for advertising. This art used by that woman was a brilliant innovation and came to be known as “Use of steel in your thighs”. From the past few days, the photos of the design are getting viral from a social networking site Reddit.com .

Like other students in the classroom, when they get bored, they start moving their hands on the plain paper to describe anything which suits their mind and situation at that time, but they make on the pictures for the time pass , but she does not use the notebook or paper , she makes the photos on her thighs which not only looks real, but also are attractive and looks like a graphic work.

Recently, her art pieces are uploaded on the Internet. She is getting job offers from many companies all over the world as a full time job.

The job seems to be related to artwork, but is similar to  a technical work. Though the design is purely your mind game, whatever your mind find the best, illustrates as a picture on the thighs.
No one can ever imagine that making your own legs a museum and selling the art piece on your body can give you an employment with lots of companies in queue to hire you as a designer.
Great work with full enjoyment and more than satisfactory pay.

You can Contact Jody Steel Here

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