8 Tips to make your journey pleasant

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A dear friend of mine who was running horribly late for a meeting, decided to hop into a public transport, as her car broke down. She spend the next couple of days in utter shock as she discussed her most traumatic experience of commuter travel. So what are the unspoken rules that can make this journey pleasant?

  • Never crowd the entrance of a bus/train especially during peak hours.
  • Once you have boarded the public transport, make sure you move to the centre and not cling on to the door or the pole near the door.
  • If you do need the fresh air and insist on standing at the entrance, make sure that you get off at the stop, so that people behind you can smoothly exist.
  • Always be kind to the old or  pregnant one. Make place or offer them your seat.
  • The most annoying are those with huge backpacks, computer bags, ultra large hand bags. Those things can hurt when the driver applies brakes and depending on pain levels, can cause a riot.
  • If you are prone to body odour, please liberally spray yourself with something fragrant.
  • To prevent getting molested, be wise and wrap your bag around your sensitive frontal patches. That way, you end up drawing your comfort zone around you.
  • Refrain from whistling, chewing gum with your mouth open, burping or any other carnal urges.
  • There is absolutely no need to make a big deal if someone steps on your toes. If you are at the other hand, did step one someone's toes, be kind and let the 'Sorry' word, quickly pop out of your mouth.
I hope  you like the above tips also, if you have some tips you can share in comments. Happy Journey...

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  1. The tips are really helpful for the ones who are the daily bearers of the locals...Do follow them to make yours as well as others journey happy and safe ,,,


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