Fortune Cookie Writer: What’s your fortune?

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Everyone here at one point or another has eaten in or taken out Chinese food. Always at the end of the meal you crack open your little fortune cookie to see what’s in store for you or your future. Even though most people don’t believe the winning lottery numbers or the phrase that’s in the fortune cookie, it’s still an untraditional nice way to end a meal.

The question on everybody’s minds though is, how do these Chinese food restaurants get the short hymns that are written on a small strand of paper lodged in between each one of these cookies? Believe it or not, there are people out there that do nothing but write Chinese cookie fortunes as their job!
A lot of writers that still want to pursue writing but have not yet come up with any substantial works decide to freelance write for fortune cookies. Although this is not a solid career path for most individuals, there have been plenty of freelancers out there that consider this to be their job.

Wonton Foods is actually one of the main distributors for fortune cookies and their phrases. Wonton Foods alone ships close to five million fortune cookies a day. Wonton Foods in particular has contracted writers to continually refresh the fortune cookie sayings so that they stay fresh and new.
Although fortune cookie writing may not be the job for you, it is still in fact a job that many people overlook and forget to think about. Funny to think that in China itself you can rarely ever find one of these sentimental one liner cookies.

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