20 Weird Taxes Around The World

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Who wants to pay the portion of his earnings as tax. But when we begin to earn, in a good lifestyle the tax becomes an integral part of our lives.

It’s not that we are forced to pay the taxes to the government for no reason. Government doesn’t take the tax just to fill their treasures. The tax paid by us in turn makes our life better and improve our quality of life.

 Every country in the world has their way of charging the public with tax. Sometimes there are such type of taxes, that on taking them from the public, commotion breaks out. On the other hand there are some tax  that are very strange in itself .

Now there are few places in the world which charge the tax for doing sex called as ‘sex tax’ and it also happens that sometimes the tax officer decides the names of the children. It happens in few country zones that you get tax exemption, and somewhere you have to pay a heavy tax to relax and shoot video pornography. There are few places which impose tax for the ones who doesn’t smoke and also there are few weird places which offer the tax rebate on sex toys purchase.

If we turn an eye towards our history to look back at the past tax were being imposed on keeping beard, wearing hats, doing pee. What's more to say even the tax was imposed on the honeycomb.

Pornography Tax

In Italy, you have to pay 25 per cent of tax for hardcore pornography. However, in France the custom is same, you have to pay tax on pornography as well as for the film, magazines and other things which are sold in sex shops.

Prostitution Tax

It is very strange that where several countries have restrictions on Prostitution, there are some countries which not only gives the permit for prostitution but also charges a heavy tax on it. For prostitution in Germany, you have to pay 19 per cent of tax.

Illegal Drug Tax

In U.S., there is a place named Tennessee where you have to pay the tax within 48 hours for unlawful possession of drugs. Moreover, after you have paid the tax they will not even arrest you. However, since 1990, only 79 people have filled their tax by their own for the possession of illegal drugs, while 72,000 people paid their tax after being arrested.

Hot Air Balloon Tax

In Kansas City of U.S., you have to pay tax for Hot Balloon ride.

No Tax for 100 Plus

In New Mexico, there is a great trend. The old age people say who are of 100 years or more than 100 years are exempted from tax.

Playing Card Tax

In the Alabama state of USA, you have to pay tax on the purchase of playing cards.

Hat Tax

In 1874 in England, the tax was imposed on the people who wore hats.  It was believed that those who wear hats are rich.

Relaxation in Tax on Buying Sex Toys

In Australia, you are provided with tax relaxation on buying sex toys. However, this exemption of tax is only for sex workers, strippers and dancers.

Tax for non smokers

 In Hubei Province of China, an order comes for cigarette smoking. In the order, the company of cigarette which you have to smoke and the quantity of how much to smoke, both are written. If you fail to meet their target, you have to pay tax.

Toilet Flushing Tax

In cities of America, named Virginia and Maryland, you have to pay the tax even for flushing the toilets. What a great law !!

Urinating Tax

During the times of The old Roman Empire (AD 69-79), you had to pay tax to urinate. However, the tax was paid by the restroom operator to the government because the ammonia content of the stored urine was sold at high prices.

Cow Tax

In Ireland and Denmark, if cow farts, then for the gas release made by the cow, the tax has to be paid by their owners. It was reported that the reason behind this tax is that cow releases approximately 4 tons of methane gas in a year, which is the major cause of global warming.

Naming law in Sweden

In Sweden, you can’t keep the name of your child of your own choice until the name has been approved by the tax authorities of Sweden. This is done so that no one has any objection on the name..

However, it is not a kind of tax, where you have to give money, but it's so strange that someone else has the authority to keep your child’s name.

Beard Tax

 The tax was imposed on keeping the beard in Russia in 1705. At that time, Czar of Russia was ‘Peter the Great’, who imposed a tax on from drinking the water to the honeycomb.

Tattoo Tax

In Arkansas, U.S., you have to pay 6 percent sales tax for making tattoos on your body.

Decoration Tax 

In Texas, during the festival season, the decorative paintings are hanged on the wall. You have to pay the tax for those paintings.

Candy Tax

In Illinois, America, you will have to pay tax on a purchase of any type of candy. However, the candy made from flour is being exempted from tax.

Tax on keeping Domestic Animals

In North Carolina, U.S., if you have neat and clean dog as a domestic animal, then you have to pay $ 10 tax while the ones who are not having a dog as a domestic animal have to pay heavy taxation of $75. 

Tax Relaxation on Bribe

In Germany, there is a strange tax break. The money which you pay as a bribe for tax return, you are provided tax exemption on that amount.

Subsidy on learning Magic

In the Netherlands, the learners of magic tricks are subsidized. The government over there believes that the people specializing in the art of magic have in depth knowledge medicinal properties for which they get subsidy.

If your Country has some weird Taxes like these you can share them in comment!!!

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  1. Some bizarre taxes there. I hope the Irish Government don't read this post. They have been taxing almost everything you can think of and I wouldn't like them to get more ideas :)

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