The Office Party!!

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We often see offices in India, celebrate festivals, be it Diwali or Christmas. And then, there are those office parties which we celebrate, such a success party or birthdays. So how to conduct a office party?

  • Most important- Remember that this is one time where you are allowed to mix business with pleasure. So be ultra careful and handle pleasure with a lot of care.
  • Unless specified that you can bring in a friend or your partner, refrain.
  • This is one party where your boss will also be present. You can be yourself, but don’t forget to not let yourself go completely!
  • If there is free flowing alcohol, that ultra careful bit I mentioned earlier, should be carried to the top of your brain from where it can issue you with safe warnings!
  • Dress appropriately and please don’t give the wrong impression with your clothes.
  • Do not stand in one place and never indulge in disapproving side glances!
  • Be very careful if you are taking pictures. Always ask permission, especially if you are a social network fan and intend to post everything there!
  • Never forget your Please and Thank You’s.
  • Remember protocol works even here. If you are standing in line for dinner, it is indeed appropriate to offer a plate to your boss, who maybe standing behind you. What he does with it would speak for his etiquette of course.
Office parties are fun and great opportunities at clearing the air about misunderstandings and making friends. Be careful and smart.

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